ImagineIndia Film Festival Barcelona is celebrating its 5th edition. A selection of the best indian independent films will be screened at the Festival. In addition to the screenings of films there will be many parallel activities related to dance, music, theater and so on. This will make the ImagineIndia Film Festival Barcelona a unique event in Catalonia.

Project ImagineIndia Barcelona

For more information about our activities and objectives, you can download the project ImagineIndia Film Festival Barcelona. 

We aim to be the only film festival devoted entirely to indian cinematography in Catalonia.

Our intention is to show the best films produced in India in Bollywood or "Alternative" cinema. Barcelona will select the best films that have participated in ImagineIndia International Film Festival in Madrid and also the more recent works.

Our aim is to make Barcelona a world renowned city for both Indian film making and culture.


SPONSORS AND COLLABORATORS - 5th Film Festival Barcelona